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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 16, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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contact us. >> they believe there could be other victims that they don't know about yet. >> i don't think any of us have any question that there are other cases that we haven't linked by dna that this person is involved in. >> i'm bruce leshan at dc superior court where a metropolitan police officer accused of murder goes before a judge for the first time. >> it is terrible. it's embarrassing. >> relatives of the one man who died packed the courtroom. they told reporters authorities should bring back the death penalty for officer jones. that he deserves to burn in hell. >> put him in there with inmates that know him. >> investigators officer jones planned with a couple of buddies, a father and son, to hold up a drug dealer in the 4300 block of 4th street. they say jones rolled through the parking lot in his patrol car before the robbery, in hopes of scattering the dealers backup guys. and then parked in the driveway, while the attack took place. but in the robbery, the dealer fought back, the son tried to
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shoot him, but missed and killed his dad. and that allegedly makes officer jones comply sit in murder. >> this morning with the construction crew that turned out to be life saving good samaritans. >> john brown jr., and coworker, evan warner. >> i had to get her out of there as soon as possible. >> these photos provided by firefighters give you an idea what two men and their construction crew confronted. >> left on the hood of the burning jeep. >> i yelled to hurry up and get her out. once he couldn't get the door, that's when we all ran around to the top to pull her out, because there was no stopping the fire at all. >> she was pinned inbetween the dash board and the shifter knob and, you know, she was not looking good. >> me and another gentleman jumped on the hood. >> by the time we got her out, the flames were above the jeep. >> might not have been the
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smartest thing, but it was, i don't know, the most human thing to do, i guess. thanks, scott. now for our commuter alert for folks traveling along the beltway tonight. starting at 9:30, all lanes will close from time to time, just north of dulles toll roads until crews can install power lines. the closures will run until 5:00 in the morning. >> drivers along i-95 north of virginia got a pleasant surprise this morning. angie goff brings us up to date on the changes. >> face huge backups every day. but right now, only the northbound commute is getting the break. it's a whole new lane for drivers traveling northbound on i-95. the morning was packed with drivers taking advantage of a new traveling lane. it stretches between the fairfax county parkway is the first phase of a four phased widening project by v-dot. drivers told 9news, it shaved 5
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to 10 minutes off their drive. it opened before scheduled, just in time for the holidays. southbound drivers, more is in store for you, too. to 123, is scheduled to open next fall. angie goff for 9news now and >> time for a check on the evening rush hour. in the 9news now traffic center. >> focus at 95 southbound in virginia can need all the help they can get and this is why. you take it the rush hour, as we can still, still hasn't eased much between the beltway and fairfax county parkway. 20 minutes and pushing for the commute time. no accidents or incidents. that's the good news. as we take our maps and see things are looking. our computer maps are showing a significant delay between 123. 22 miles per hour. that's not looking pretty. drivers hit route 29 in centerville, they are going to hit the brakes again until route 234. we will wrap it up, drivers here can't get a break all
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afternoon, bumper to bumper traffic due to several accidents on that route. that has all been cleared for the delays. back to you. >> thanks a lot. bright sunshine out there today, but not much heat. kim is in with your forecast first. >> that sun angle is low this time of year, bruce. let's look at the satellite radar loop. no atmospheric blanket. we dropped down to 37. off to the west in cumberland, and temperatures not feeling as warm as what they say. this is the windchill. still gusty winds and feels like the 20s. tonight, the windchills will be in the teens. prepare for that, if you are running out to the mall. that will keep you nice and toasty upstairs. 20s for the low. 15, talk about the next seven and yeah, we are talking about a chance for snow this weekend, all coming up next, bruce. >> from georgetown university students aren't seeing the latest issue of a publication very funny. an online article introduces
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the story about cross burning on campus. the coalition of campus groups is asking for a retraction and an apology. issued that apology last night at a campus meeting, he has no plans to take that article down. >> new estimates by the u.s. census bureau find that minority children will out number white children by the year 2031. the rest of the population becoming a minority. the projection showed the overall u.s. population growing. that's by the year 2015. the estimate is that 49% of the population will be white. 12.2% will be black, hispanics will make up 28%, asians will round out the numbers with 6%. federal reserve says interest rates are not going to change any time soon. the group made that pledge today by keeping rates at record lows. the fed hopes to drive down unemployment and sustain the current economic recovery.
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maryland is facing the loss of another $77 million in revenue. the governor made that announcement after today's meeting at the board of public works. maryland is facing a budget deficit between 1.5 and $2 billion. governor o'malley says the state needs federal assistance to avoid cutting more jobs. >> metro is in line for a shot in the arm. president obama is expected to approve an appropriations bill that includes $150 million in federal funding. the district, maryland, and virginia pledged an additional $50 million in matching funds and that's by the middle of next year. the money will be used for safety upgrades and rail car replacements. first lady, michelle obama was in virginia today, making a big donation to toys for tots. the white house collected more than 500 toys in its holiday drive. the real heros are the marines who run the annual program. >> in a time where you all are already serving, and making
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such a huge sacrifice, all of you, you are the troops and their families. you show america that you can dig even deeper in this time and put your time and effort into making sure that kids all around this country have something wonderful to wake up to on christmas morning, that's what america is all about. >> here at wusa tv 9, we are pleased to be taking part. you can drop off new and unwrapped toys at any sun trust bank until next wednesday. >> coming up, multimillionaire wants to take on adrian fenty. then later, protests clash with police outside the council in copenhagen. 9news now is brought to you by the center at united medical center.
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he's a multimillionaire and he wants adrian fenty to be a one term mayor. he talks about why he may run for office and spend millions of his own money to finance a campaign. >> adrian fenty has never been a success at anything he's done. >> he is saying out loud what others will only say in private. >> he has been an average to below average city council member. he has never done any -- he is still languishing and he has been a poor man.
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> real estate developer are urging them to decide quickly if he will run for mayor. they want a decision by the end of the year and not february when gray would like to decide. >> what is wrong with adrian fenty? >> i think he is very petty. i believe that he is not mature. he is not showing mature leadership. he has not brought transparency to government, which he promised to do. >> he has there are 3 million, and a big advantage in name recognition. a product of dc public schools, but he never held public office and been away for a while. >> he doesn't shy away from the fact that his permanent home has been in florida. that's where his children go to school. he does have a house in northwest washington. he recently registered to vote in the district, and while away, he built up quite a fortune. forbes magazine says he is the eighth richest african american
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in the country. his value is somewhere around $350 million. >> i don't need anyone to finance my campaign for me. i'll put my own money up. i'm prepared to invest my own money. >> how much money? >> whatever it takes to be a competitive candidate. >> i'm prepared to put that amount of money in the race if that's what it takes. >> if he runs and wins, he might keep mitchell reid, but she would have to work with the teachers unions. he would fire kathy louisiana laniir. more on that sunday night at 11:00. we are trying to get a one on one interview with mayor adrian fenty. the house just passed a $174 billion jobs bill. the measure extends benefits and subsidies for those
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unemployed. it passed 217-212. technology is a good bet. still to come, some help to deck the halls.
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hi, captain eddie ferguson wishing holidays to virginia and amy, mark, josh, jordan, and ian. i hope you all have a great holiday. bye. tonight, shopper alert is for you folks out there waiting until the last minute. jessica has some tips to help you make some high-tech picks. >> now first up right here, is this from 3m and it's their pocket projector. you plug it into your dvd player, itouch, and anything like that and get a picture. you back it up, it can go up to
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3 inches wide. >> for a more budget friendly $20. >> this is the 8 in one personal groomer. you want to clean up a nose hair, this will do it. >> for under $80, a gift that can charge you up. >> this is cool. >> this is recharging up all of your tech toys. it can put your phone in these cases. this is a duracell smart charger. it charges overnight. a great way to charge up your products. >> the latest technology in camcorders for under $200. >> this is from jvc and it is an 8 megapixel still camera and a 1080p video camera. a great way to go. great colors. >> i love the pink. >> the pink one is hot. >> saving money can make for a hot holiday gift, too. >> never have to have a phone bill again. you plug it into your internet
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and you have caller id. after that, the rest is free. you never have to pay a phone bill again. for the rest of your life. from uma, isn't that cool? >> now to a health alert that can have you reconsidering where you actually live. >> german researchers found the living under an airport flight path can increase your risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease. study was commissioned by germany's federal environmental agency. it found that women exposed to jet noise have a 93% chance of being hospitalized for card vascular disease. the number is 69% in men. the report is scheduled to be published next month. get ready for changes. starting tomorrow rs northwest will move its flights from determinal a to terminal b, to make room for frontier airlines. it's all because of the merger.
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>> lights went on in copenhagen in the mist of the united nations conference on climate change. but it was all part of a planned event to highlight consumption. charlie shows us how demonstrations are heating up as world leaders are trying to hammer out an agreement. >> protesters took on police and tried to disrupt the united nations climate conference. they are pushing for climate justice, as the crowd closed in on the convention hall, police used pepper spray to regain control. as these 230 people are arrested. leaders from 193 nations are gathering in denmark to hammer out a historic agreement to fight global warming. >> let us not leave copenhagen before we have reached an agreement that is ambitious, global, and comprehensive. >> talks have been largely un productive.
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>> if a few key breakthroughs could come, it could help break the deadlock. >> there are many unresolved issues. the u.s. and china are deeply divided over proposed targets to reduce greenhouse gases. protesters and some environmentalists believe the proposals don't go far enough. >> are they coming here to sign a deal or make a deal that will save the people? if they are coming here with empty promises, they should stay at home. >> conference is entering its critical second phase as more leaders arrive. president barack obama is scheduled to attend friday's finale and time is running out. charlie, cbs news. >> you can follow the climate conference at just click on living green to get into the climate pool. okay. it's cold, but clear. i mean, no precipitation. >> not precipitating on us, but it is cold.
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we have windchills that are headed down into the teens tonight. so bundle up if you are headed out. remember your pets. don't forget if you let them out, bring them back in, okay. let's get moving. you might forget. we have the clear weather still on the way again tomorrow. friday, 41, partly sunny and saturday, i have that spinning flake up, i know, what is that all about? i'll get to it in a minute. say hi to a front royal viewer. she is part of my facebook page. you can follow me, too. i pump out forecast randomly. it's fun. here we go. gusty northwesterly winds. they were with us today, but we didn't get the snow like they were getting across western and central new york. multiple inches of lake effect snow. here, we are down around 37. it is 30 in montgomery county. up in frederick county, 32. 29 in baltimore. 27 culpeper. 32 winchester way. compared to yesterday, these
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temperatures are anywhere from 10 to 17 degrees colder than the same time yesterday. so certainly, way to front that blast through and that has brought the colder air. with that, we have windchills. this is what it feels like outside. everybody feels like they are in the 20s. tonight, we'll see lots of windchills down into the teens. if you are headed out, you are going to be outside parking the car. you want to layer up. tomorrow morning, we are facing 27 and sunshine. the afternoon holds 40 degrees, and sunshine. so a nice day to be out, as long as you are prepared and dressed properly. this moisture down here. this has something to do with our weekend. let's take a flight down there. this rain will turn into a low. it travels across the deep south. it will emerge off the southeast coast on friday. there it is. where is it going to go? it's going to take a trip to the north and east and look at this band of snow across the top. it's going to cut across our air. it's going to be the opposite of what we normally get. normally we go, better chance
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for snow north and west. this time, better chances for snow south and east of dc. delmarva, are you listening? this point the computer models are inching it further to the east. that would body for less snow here and even to our south and east. there's your seven-day forecast. the weekend hickup has some snow showers. temperatures trapped in the 30s. redskins play monday night, 38 for the high, no problems. >> okay, all right. the wizards lost a half dozen games of their own? >> if you say so. >> you think you have the perfect play? map it out and the team may just use it. that's how desperate they are. espn is running a contest for you to submit a diagram of an inbound play. referring questions about the contest. you have until next wednesday to make a submission. one woman four wheeled winter wonderland. still ahead on 9news now.
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we have a programming note for you right now. tonight starting at 8:00 on wusa9, we'll have our usual lineup of the new adventures of old chris teen, gary unmarried and criminal minds, but then at 10:00, we will bring you alabama's christmas greetings. you can see csi new york at 2:07 a.m. the texas woman is revving up to spread some holiday cheer. rachel brown's house is at the end of her street. a lot of people don't get to see her decorations. so she is turning her car into a snow globe on wheels. >> we love our decorations. we get to see everybody's joy by bringing the lights to the road. >> it makes me think about christmas a lot. >> it is such a hustle and bustle season, and this is nice to slow down and be able to know that when people are pulling up to the stoplight, they will say something nice to
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you. >> brown says she has about 100 christmas lights and enough cotton balls to cover a queen sized bed. she does have trouble seeing around the nativity scenes at times. she only puts it in the car while driving to church. >> that's our report. don't forget, you can log on any time to we'll see you later. good night. just your signature. ractically and volkswagen even covers scheduled maintenance at no cost. it can't be that easy... that was pretty easy. a great broth brings out the best in your dishes.
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and your dishes get the whole family together... to share and connect. college inn broth. your recipe for goodness. college inn broth. "entertainment tonight" in high definition kate with
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goldie. ♪ madonna with lourdes, all grown up. mother-daughter night at the new york premiere of "nine." >> i'm here but i can't wait to see this movie. >> the stars, fashion, and making of their ritzy private party. is tiger's wife packing her bags, who is leaving whom. the "e.t." investigation. >> jaimee how does it feel to be a home wrecker. the latest on tiger's mistresses as this vegas "insider" breaks his silence. >> g you know her? >> yes, absolutely i knew her. plus kanye's not so swift move. jersey shore slugger which bad boys made "e.t.'s" hall of fame. sarah pailen kissing trig intrig inside her family's holiday. who is hotter husband todd or levi. president obama spilled


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